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  • "We believe everyone should have the opportunity

    to develop their skills for the workforce of the future.”

    Our mission at Grepp is to support every dimension of education in line with career development to help developers enhance their global competencies and make a meaningful impact on the world around the

  • Grepp offers the most practical education, assessment,

    and recruitment services tailored to the developer growth cycle.

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  • Education

    Learners are given the opportunity to practice more willingly and enhance their programming skills as well as competencies through practical and comprehensive education.


    With over 18K exam operations and the ability to accommodate up to 20K examinees simultaneously, we offer among the best assessment services in the world.


    We provide a virtual space where developers can showcase their competitive edge and businesses can focus on what they do best by connecting them with the right talent.

  • Grepp's Service

    Everything developers need is at Grepp.

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    Integrated platform for developer empowerment

    Industry-leading integrated education, assessments, and recruitment platform tailored to developers. (Korea)


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    Community-based platform for technical knowledge sharing

    Community-based questions and answers platform for professionals and enthusiast developers. (Korea)

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    Programmers Campus

    Solution for technology learning & assessment

    Online classroom solution with integrated LMS designed specifically for education in the field of technology. (Korea)


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    Solution for remote exam proctoring & administration

    AI-powered online exam proctoring and administration solution ensuring enhanced security and integrity. (Global)

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    Programmers Business

    Solution for technology assessment & recruitment

    Market-leading technical assessment and recruitment solution for both developers and businesses. (Korea)


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    Open platform for technology learning & assessment

    For-profit open course platform with integrated LMS designed for empowering technology workforce. (Global)

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  • Grepp's Culture

    Rethink the way you work

    Grepp's Remote Work Culture

    Grepp members work remotely from across the world under trust and confidence.

    We have created a HYBRID working environment that fosters agility, which is critical to business success.

  • Grepp's Careers

    We are hiring Great People,

    who want to make

    the world a better place.

    Email inquiry : recruit@grepp.co

  • Partnership inquiry

    Get in touch with a representative through our contact below.


    US office

    200 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, United States


    Korea office

    327, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea